Colby Dressler

Hi, my name is Colby Dressler, and I am a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. I've received a BFA in Animation with a minor in Storyboarding.

     I focus primarily as a storyboarder and writer, and am very passionate about 2D animation especially. However, I am quite interested in experimental animation and mixed media, such as traditional animation, paint animation, animation on 16 mm film, and combinations of 2D and 3D.

     I believe story is the heart of absolutely anything, and my most important job as an artist is to try to convey my thoughts, feelings, and emotions to viewers. At the same time, I enjoy being someone who can make people laugh, and there's no bigger joy than to entertain friends, family, and even people whom I don't know with my art, stories, and perspective I seek to express.

     I am also very interested in production, and I believe my experience in animation and art provides a unique perspective to the role of a producer that is not always present. I believe one of my strongest qualities as a producer is my outgoing personality, and my eagerness to communicate with anyone and learn new things, along with a hard work ethic and passion for storytelling, regardless of media. In my time at SCAD I have worked on over a dozen short films as an animator, writer, storyboarder, and producer, some of this work can be found through my Art tab, Resume, and Demo Reel.